A Barter Free Booking Solution for Golf Courses

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We believe that there is a place for discounting tee times, however, it should be YOUR call not someone else’s on how low you will go and certainly not on those times you no longer own.  The best deals need to be on your golf courses website to build your customer database, so that you can to communicate with YOUR audience!

The 3rd party aggregator’s customer is the golfer, not the golf course operator.  These aggregators are selling a product or providing a service to their customers and charge what the market will bear to maximize their profit, not yours! They are NOT in the golf operations business!  They are in the entertainment, advertising, multimedia, distribution, etc. business. Their business model revolves around selling a product they don’t physically own. They are very good at what they do. Unfortunately they are cannibalizing the very industry they are claiming to serve.

This is where Tee Caddie comes in! Our State of the Art, BARTER FREE, booking engine and electronic tee sheet software can help you take back your customers and get more tee times for your course. Coupled with our managed marketing system, this powerful toolkit will help maximize your course revenue and give you the ability to connect, grow, and manage YOUR customer base!

Features: Booking Engine… Electronic Tee Sheet…Reporting System

“State of the Art Non Barter Booking Engine”

  • Mobile First – Fully responsive on all devices
  • Barter free tee times
  • Promote your brand
  • Mobile Number Based
  • Text message and/or email confirmations to golfer
  • Full Featured Admin Portal including rates, discounts, and reports
  • Full Featured Admin Portal including rates, discounts, and reports
  • On demand green fee change
  • Fully integrated with the Tee Caddie electronic tee sheet
  • Interface Capability (requires current tee sheet API kit)
  • And much more…

“A Tee Sheet You Will Want to Use”

  • Cloud based tee sheet software – Manage your tee sheet from any location
  • Easily book or block tee times and check-in golfers through tee sheet
  • Cross device compatibility
  • Booked tee times from our online tee time engine appear on tee sheet in real time
  • Customized Golfer Database Reporting
  • Dedicated Support

“A Streamlined Reporting System” to improve the customer experience and customer loyalty

  • Bookings
  • Customer Database Information
  • Starter Sheet

Tee Caddie Tool Kit:

A Managed Conversion Marketing System with MMS,
Social, and Email built in.

Build a set of automated customer journeys for a variety of customer touch points. Awareness, consideration, purchases, customer support, re-engagement are all possibilities to explore.Tee Caddie provides you with smart data and your golf course can reap the benefits. Our Managed Marketing Services (MMS) provide automated marketing solutions. Tee Caddie will help you earn more revenue with less effort at an affordable flat rate price! Sign up for a Demo Today!

Tee Caddie Support:

On Screen Live Support backed up by 24/7 email support for both the customer and the course.

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